थे वे टू perfection

Baking is hit and miss with me, sometimes cakes come out perfectly, sometimes - especially when disguised with jam, like this brioche that wanted to be a Bavarian Rohrnudel, they are edible - but not very photogenic.
I love jam. This morning I opened a quince jelly for breakfast that a friend of my Mother's made. Very cannily, Mum doesn't eat those unknown quantities, but passes them on to me. I am the culinary guinea pig in the family, I suppose.
As I was eating it, I was reading a short story by Bavarian author Kathrin Passig in the Süddeutsche Zeitung. It is about a character called Frau Heinleim, who keeps an axolotl and is digging a pool for it under the quince tree in her garden. This made me laugh out loud: "Very little happiness research has been done around the quince tree, a tree whose leafage makes up for the suffering inflicted on humanity by quince jelly". This is almost as funny as some of the writing by P.G.Wodehouse.


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