Blog Fatigue

I am suffering from a general Web2 publication fatigue, what's the point etc. and will be having an extended break. going Undergroud for a while.


  1. Hey, I´ve just bloody flippin nell subscribed to this blog! You can´t just bug out like that. I love your photos, your gentle stories of everyday life, your observations. I want to know about your walks with your mum, the things you do and see, what you eat and drink and bake and boil. Your reminiscences of your time in London. The people you met, the times you lived in, what it felt like then and how you see it now. The music, the concerts, the parties, the clubs.

    And no, since you asked before, i don´t have any photos. I mean I´m not a photographer ...just regular family snaps etc.

    But maybe you´re right. Perhaps blogging isn´t the right place for this sort of stuff. Too anonymous. What about myspace?

    Other than that, i hope nothing else ails you dear friend. It doesnt seem so from what I´ve seen of your blog. Your spirit is intact.
    See you around Miss

  2. Thanks for your concern - I would rather like to know who my unknown reader is, but what the hell, it adds some mystery to my life...
    Okay, I will start again!!


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