Bella Italia!

Oh dear - that's what "we Italians" call un pasticcio - a mess!

I don't even dare to look at the Beppe Grillo it even possible that Italians voted to have Berlusconi for President again...with a big majority...
But politicians in Italy never go away, they just rest until they are pulled out of the bottom drawer again. And so, Veltroni will have his second chance.
I suppose we had FJStrauß for so many years (Ja - a Hund war er scho!)

This reminds me - one of my English friends found my use of the word "we" strange. Of course I say we - when I lived in London, I said "we Londoners", now I am "we Bavarians". But that's nothing to do with being nationalistic. I find it impossible to live somewhere without a degree of identification. I can even say "we" in the heat of a football match but I wouldn't start a war if the other side win.

On the other hand, maybe it's a case of Penne all'arrabiata


  1. Fun post, even in a sad moment for Italy...

    Glad that you went on writing ant shoting photos.

  2. P.S.: Sorry for typing like an analphabet :P


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