मी एंड माय मम

My Mum and I, today.
I am wearing very colourful things because, like most mothers, she worries about me (and my sister) wearing too much black - because it's a shame not to show how pretty we really are.

We spent the afternoon together and then I drove back to München, intending to pass by IKEA. Couldn't find it. Felt extremely stupid. I mean, EVERYone finds IKEA.
Decided not to go to IKEA. Also, realized that bringing the car into town is not a great idea. When I had finally found a parking space, the idea of just leaving the car there and not driving to the country tomorrow crossed my mind.
Once you have a parking space here, you just don't want to leave it ever again.
Still, we will go. Tomorrow, we will drive through sparkling,juicy fresh green nature. We will have lunch in a country inn, a walk, and in the evening drink too much bubbly with our friends,Michi and Gretel, in their lovely big old house by the little stream.

An example of Bavarian pub grub - up there with Scotch egg in the yuk stakes