The Sky Tonight

This week is all about getting back into a routine so boring to make work appear a welcome distraction. It's about treading the treadmill, not seeking excitement. My work ranges from quite interesting, when I research the "Pink Pound" (whatever that may be) or "LOHAS" lifestyles, to the downright tedious, as when I have to re-write whole chunks of last year's report on Consumer Electronics, because maybe it was too general, not market-focused enough, not snappy enough advice for the "client" on how to best get your money. But I don't hate it, at least I can work at home, I can jump on my bike when I have had enough, I can meet someone for lunch, do some balcony gardening, or just hoover the bedroom. I can cook an amazingly creative dinner, my upstairs neighbour may bring some spring rolls, or there might be another surprisingly stunning sunset outside my window to take a picture of.
I am no-ones slave.