Some evenings when I go to bed, I am already looking forward to breakfast. My favourite breakfast is coffee with frothed milk, "raw" bread (as opposed to toast, which my English breakfast partner prefers) with walnuts or other nuts or at least lots of seeds and butter (margarine does not hit the spot, and it's natural).
I love jam and marmalade, which quite often now I make myself. I get all this fruit from my mother's old friends who can't pick plums and apples and cherries any more and are grateful if someone saves them from rotting on the tree. I have discovered how dead easy it is to make jam - just boil the fruit up with between 40 and 50% sugar (very yummy apricot jam, for example, or cherry gelée, and my plum jam is fantastic). I have also made elderflower jelly by just soaking the flowers in water for a while and then boiling the flavoured water with sugar.
Anything that is unfussy appeals greatly.
And then, there is cheese, of course, usually Bavarian or Austrian mountain cheeses or Comté from our local shop. Or sometimes visitors from England bring Cheddar. I LOVE cheddar. Greatly underrated by the UK foodie snobs.
Usually at the weekend, as a treat, a boiled egg. Mmmmhm. All served on the finest china from selected English junk shops.