Yodelling and other parties

Friday night was the 25-year-anniversary party of my friend Bine's language school, four women friends founded it in 1983 and now it has grown into a sort of multicultural venture, and they still know how to party.

The range of performances by teachers and students included a rap by the teachers, capoeira by some students and a transvestite hair dressing apprentice doing a version of "Hit me baby one more time" ....such multi culture in München is absolute bliss.

So, on Saturday morning I was so tired and ill I nearly did not make it to the annual yodelling workshop (It is hard to describe the thrill of singing and yodelling with 70 people who can sing note-perfect), but eventually I jumped on the train and walked a sweaty half hour up
the mountain and it was so perfect. The walking, the sunshine, seeing the mountains, the mix of people, and the singing.