A Midsummer Night

Sometimes the sky outside my window is so spectacular!

On this tropical night here in München, the sky is just giving up the last of its light and the streets under my window a cacophony of cars trying to park close to the ice cream parlour on the corner, the legendary Sarcletti.

Which is a real asset to have near, despite traffic chaos and never anywhere to park, because you can get ice cream and cake until midnight. If you need to.
I don't often need it,but it's good to know it's there.

Somewhere on Lake Garda, last year I was there with Debbie.
On an evening like this I feel a sort of tug, like I should be somewhere wonderful. Like in Cornwall, where my sister and my niece are! I haven't been in Cornwall since I moved back to Germany, I miss it.

Or in Scotland - where I hope I will be in September.
Somehow, the place I long for is always the sea.
When I lie awake at night and hypnotise myself back to sleep, I always think of deep blue water.
And now I live by the "blue remembered hills" or - mountains - of my childhood..