A tourist day out

Today was the day München decided it was 850 years old. And oh my did they lay on the party!I am glad I went - it was cheesy as hell with all the old Trachten (real and dubious national costume) wheeled out and bad yodelling and everyone drinking beer and eating Bratwurst. But man, it was fun.

I started by cycling across town to the Hofbräuhaus, where the alternative Bavarian music scene was jamming in the beer garden, with a band called "Landlergschwister" releasing its album. The Hofbräuhaus beergarden is one of the best kept secrets in town. It's lovely, cool, green and the food is cheap (unlike that poncy place opposite the opera, where a glass of not very nice Austrian Zweigelt costs 5 €...Anyway, the music was sweet and the atmosphere was party.

And then I just cycled past the giant pink cake, made by a local Bakery chain with the help of child volunteers

and the rafters who bring down the wooden rafts from the source of the river Isar (nowadays only for tourists)

and various other types of Bavarians, for example, our wildly popular Mayor, Herr Ude (two pictures down on the left), 

I also saw some horse power,
...and some new Bavarians,

On my way home I passed  my all time favourite art installation, the magic fountain, placed temporarily outside Lenbachhaus Museum again. You walk in - the water stops. Children love it and scream - I nearly did. It made my day.


  1. Love it, Ilse! There´s always something interesting here when I pop in from time to time. I almost wish I didn´t know you, so I could imagine you.
    Sorry by the way, not trying to be anonymous or creepy. I´m Chris. Buggered off to live in Denmark. Remember Pluto Project?

  2. well well well...you don't know how often Geraldine and I tried to find out what happened to you! So great to hear from you.
    You still in Denmark - happy etc.?
    How on earth did you come across my blog?

  3. I´m still in Denmark. Married, two girls, recently moved (18mths ago)from Copenhagen to the countryside. Loving it, but hate the commute to work in town.
    Vince, as you probably know, is still in London. My brother emigrated to Norway a short while after me - married a norwegian, got two kids, same age as mine.
    Haven´t really been to London for about 10 years. Most of my family, sister, mum etc., moved out long ago or died.
    I´m reasonably content, I suppose. I dont keep much in touch with anybody from 20-30 years ago, apart from my brother and vince, and whats left of my family in England.
    Making ends meet (time and money) seems to have had me by the throat and up against the wall for the last 10 years. I chill when I can grab a moment, usually switching off and droning around the net, until i fall asleep at the cursor. I think I might have found you by googling your name. You have an unusual name and this blog etc., so it wasn´t too difficult.

    I´ll pop by again soon. Give my love to Geraldine.
    And believe me, I really like this blog. It calms me.

  4. Well I am glad, "tickle"! Keep coming back!


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