Tuesday, 15 July 2008

Blue and green and wet and sunny

Two weeks in England: I slept in my home from home in London, and in a very small bed in a very grand house. I went to a festival in Finsbury Park, an all-night party at probably the last communal house in London, and a wedding in Kentish Town. I stayed by the sea but never had a swim, I was taken into the woods to friends' caravans, I saw more rain than one can imagine, and also some sunsets. I loved London and adored the Isle of Wight. I discovered how much extended "family" I have in England. I looked for and found the idyllic, but there were also the horrific murders and knifings in London. I ate fresh shelled peas and Eton Mess and drank Pimms and watched friends play cricket. It was all so English! So different from München! So familiar! I will miss it, but I will also be glad to be in my quiet, pretty clean little home town...

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