International Food

I lived in Spain and discovered that I had high blood pressure - ironically, this was when I had the healthiest life style in years - walked everywhere, lost weight, used only olive oil, ate loads of fish. English food used to be the stuff of nightmares, when I first moved to London the only edible food was Italian and Indian (and before I get any protests - I was never privy to posh English country house food which I am told has always been eminently edible - the pies, the roast beef, the puddings etc.). I learned to like peas in England, though.

And there is something nostalgic about sandwich triangles and soup with a roll...

Of course, now England is the home of some of the best cooking and at the forefront of foraging for weeds and wild mushrooms - incidentally something that people have always done. Only now it's posh to eat samphire and porcini. My aunt and uncle used to empty the woods of mushrooms in the old days.
Eating out in England is a marvel now. Check this:

Bavarian food has been the cause of many a heart attack, but has recently lightened somewhat by using oil instead of lard for cooking and adding green stuff to the plate. Also, you are now able to get the odd dish that does not contain meat which is not omelette.