Three of myself, taken by others

I love these three pictures with me in them from the past very happy and holidayish week.
Tony and I looking at his fotos of the incredible downpour we fled from into this pub.
Here we are on a walk along the Leitzach river, very cold but I just had to have a little dip in one of its pools. I am wearing Isabel's straw hat, Bine's skirt and my beloved jumble sale rucksack.
In this one our Mum took me and Luisa to a new café where she had iced coffee. She was not happy, because she is still in pain after her operation. She really does not like being old, but still always finds a way back to her younger self that knows how to laugh. She says she doesn't want to eat but always takes us to new cafés and restaurants. Travelling does not appeal to her any more, but when we talk about places she has been she is like "yes, let's go to Schloss Linderhof, and up the Wallberg, and maybe walk around Simsee". So, I am not too worried.
I am wearing a blouse Rachel gave me about twenty years ago, a necklace Luisa gave me, a new Triumph bra for the fuller figure which set me back 50 euros, and my own prescription sunglasses - looking like I am in the wrong movie here.