Campaign for realistic food

Zucchini quiche
I find some of the new food photography from those super-food-blogs and also in flickr a little too standard pretty, too fussy, too folksy. I quite like pictures that show "realistic food", that anyone can cook. Naturally, there is also a type of food photography that turns food into something else, into art, like Cesca's breakfasts.
What I don't like is the little bows, the uselessly added ornaments, the decorative containers you would never normally use: to quote Adolf Loos "ornament is crime".

But I am, of course, also a little jealous of fotos that are perfectly styled, with perfect depth of field, perfect everything, something I haven't learnt just yet. And my food somehow never turns out like those lovely bokeh-ed dreams from blogs like La Tartine Gourmande, or deliciousdays (see in my links).
chocolate coated shortbread