Fatty Fashion

While I was in London, a scientific debate was raging about which type of stripe makes "voluptuous" women look slimmer: vertical or horizontal. The correct answer is now: horizontal. Fashion magazines have long been telling hapless fatties to wear lengthwise stripes - which, according to the latest "scientific" findings, makes them look even fatter. Anyone who shops in department stores has known this for a long time - who hasn't seen the dreadful rows of jolly sailor-stripe bags otherwise known as fashion for the larger size?

I decided to try it out on myself today.

Better hoops or stripes?
By the way, black is recommended as the elegant way out (I would never have guessed).
Maybe the solution is: some up, some down, and black and white

Archive picture from 2002, with my Mummy wearing no stripes at all.


  1. *lol" Kompliziert das Ganze, deine Mutter hat es richtig gemacht. ;-)

  2. You know what, I love stripes- I have a LOT of stripe print clothes, and everytime I open a magazine I hate the fact that they always have to point out that it makes you look "fat". Why do they have to invent fashion that makes you look "fat"? Anyway, I REALLY enjoyed reading your post! I think you look great in both horizontal + vertical stripes!


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