Home again

I said I would be back when autumn has landed - scarily true, it is cold and miserable now in München. Now, after a flight followed by two train journeys and another flight, I am back home with a suitcase full of pictures (I am beginning to have a frightening photography habit) and some excellent adventures. They included: two parties in London, an overnight train journey in a sleeper cabin (height of luxury and fun), a full-blown gale during the first night on the boat, a couple of all-day hikes, eating handfuls of blackberries, talking to long-haired cows, eating fish and chips three days running, staying in four different hotels, visiting two galleries in Edinburgh and being met at the airport with meatballs.
Despite not very nice weather, Scotland was quite warm. As the planned boat trip turned stormy, I ended up with a hotel crawl in Oban, helped by my friend S. I love staying in hotels! It gave me a chance to watch English and Scottish TV - which seems to consist completely of reality shows, The Apprentice, who wants to be a chef, shallow news programmes with two hectic presenters, bad comedy and gory thrillers. Oh - and Coronation Street and The Bill.
I never thought I would come home to be grateful for German TV.

I enjoyed it very much (hello my dear friends in London and Scotland).

A b&b in Edinburgh saved me from walking the streets.
Cups of tea even in the most modest hotel or B&B - jolly civilised
A book by dear Michele Roberts kept me reading late into the night - it's about my life, too.
Now playtime is over for a while. Back to real life and work.


  1. das lieb ich soooo, die wasserkocher und tee sachen in den britischen hotels. ein stück wahre gemütlichkeit.


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