Some people just don't care

Last night I did nice things: First, I went to see an Israeli film in Theatinerkino with Bine, "The band's visit" (Bikur ha-tizmoret). It was hilarious and at the same time you didn't know whether to laugh or to cry. Such absurd situations, who thought them up? The band in pale blue Operetta uniforms pulling their wheelie suitcases through the desert. Or when three of the Egyptian band members stay with the Israeli family, and they have absolutely no conversation, suddenly the host starts singing "Summertime", and they all fall in with tuneless voices. I nearly wet myself. After a little drink in Literaturcafé (which, after having a "democratic makeover, is even more expensive and packed with tables like sardines), I overcame my inclination to go home and couch-potato, and instead joined Marius & Co to celebrate his birthday in his favourite bar, which must not be named since they absolutely ignore the no-smoking rule and made it a feeble sort of "club" - you ring the bell to get in and get in. Great place, good company, and a choice of Whiskeys.
Oh, and I had my hair cut.