Spot on Spring

On Sunday, the sun was warm, and the woods were full of Leberblümchen (Hepatica, Germany's consolation for not having bluebells) and Anemones.

My Mother walking

Clocks went forward and spring started.
(I consciously avoid saying "has sprung").
After a week of sightseeing, visiting galleries (Rothko in Kunsthalle, Daniel Bergmann and Jochen Klein in Pinakothek der Moderne), mountains, rivers and lakes with visiting friend D. from London, today it's back to work with a vengeance.
Something that made me laugh in the Guardian D. brought. Many British bobbies are moving to Canada, admitting that their jobs in Calgary arent necessarily as exciting as the one back home, but children "always wave to me. In the UK, kids might wave, but not using all of their fingers".
And so to work...

An unknown beautiful wildflower

Wonderful painting by Jochen Klein, the partner of Wolfgang Tilmans who died tragically young

An installation in Pinakothek dM by Daniel Bergmann (German for "miner"), about miners' clothes baskets.