Easter Extravaganza

A truly dull day, perfect for staying at home. It is a wonderful luxury to just laze around and take pictures of chocolate easter eggs, bake an apple crumble and biscuits with the leftover dough, and wait for dinner to be on the table. I just opened my last bottle of Südtirol wine, a Pinot Noir 2004 from Alois Lageder. Tastes good, never mind the nose and the finish. The only drop of acid in this delicious cup is my work, always lurking in the background. But at least I have got some!
And this is what's playing: Dirty Three, Cinder (link top right of page).
Slouching on the sofa I started watching - not really wanting to - Pasolini's "Gospel according to Matthew". The gospel usually just makes me think of the "Life of Brian", being a cynic and a non-believer. I find comments like "What a way to spend Easter" at the sight of a crucifix hilarious. So I didn't expect to be moved to tears by this film, the black and white slow dignity of it, the impact of the lay actors' faces and the terrible image of Christ (a man, a human being) being nailed to a cross. If only I could believe in the "happy end", the rising, the redemption. I have lost faith even in the redemptive power of revolutions.
And - I have no idea what made Mel Gibson think he needed to or could improve on the telling of this story.