बेक फ्रॉम थे कोउन्ट्री

Two days seem like a full week when you drive to the furthest corners of Bavaria. We stayed at Michi's where we have our "own" apartment which unfortunately is located above his smithy and heavy clanging starts at 8 a.m.

Country people keep inhuman hours. But so do the schools - people have to be up at six to get their kids ready for school.
And the birds! The racket! and the church bells! every quarter hour they remind you that you are still awake, waiting anxiously for the next tolling. I did sleep in the end, somehow. The country makes our flat in the middle of München feel like a trappist monastery.

Nice beer gardens, though.

On Monday we visited a sleepy little town which seemed to have only one Gasthaus open to eat in. All the solid menfolk seemed to have gathered in the gelateria on Market Square eating icecream sundaes with cream, in the beginning rain.
The opening of Ki's exhibition in the local art lab was visited by us and a whole gang of elegant "Grey Panthers" who I realized were about my generation.


Ki and Luisa