Big Cities

München, Englischer Garten, Monopteros

London, Thames, Gherkin

Berlin, Prenzlauer Berg

I have moved from a very big city to a smaller city. I read in the Guardian, that 35% of Berlin's surface is green spaces, here in München this is probably even more. Every day I enjoy the smallness and the greenness of my city, and the green and blue scope it offers outside its limits. I often feel like I had a lucky escape - not from London, I still love London and found it green and lovely as well as exciting and full of surprises. No - but to be among the privileged who breathe clean air and have rivers and lakes full of clean water.
Okay I could be even luckier and inherit tons of money and never look at market data again..
The Guardian says also, that 63% of New Yorkers belong to ethnic minorities. It's the same absurd logic as calling women a minority. Surely - when a group is more than 50% you can't call it a minority any more?
And more good news from the BBC - they did a survey about the popularity of countries, and Germany is topping the list!
*Rubbing my eyes*
München, The Street Where I Live