Music, again

And occasionally, I go to see a band.
This was Amp Fiddler at the Ampere.

I was just listening to the radio, and then wrote this in my flickr profile:
My car still has only a cassette player which is a great opportunity to wallow in nostalgia. Also it seems to be the only time I have time to just listen. So - I often listen to my old John Peel cassettes and cassette compilation I made or Mick made or Bridget made or Werner made. And occasionally, while flickring or blogging, I listen to Zündfunk, which is the "young" programme of Bayerischer Rundfunk, but seems to be made mainly by people around fifty, the movers and shakers of the Munich music scene, ex-members of FSK and such like. They have wonderful programmes about the history of trip-hop, hip-hop, Tindersticks, Kraut Rock etc and things like an interview with John Cale, in English. They don't do Madonna, but that's okay, she makes herself heard elsewhere - und das ist gut so.
There is also the late great night programme Nachtmix with Judith Schnaubelt - a bedroom voice if ever I heard one. I love Zündfunk.
But dare I admit it - I wasn't that keen on Amp Fiddler.