music, cake and green, green trees

Just listening to Jan Garbarek playing a tune that sounds like Dollar Brand, after listening to Sepp Bierbichler singing Eisler songs and thinking: does music need a sense of humour? maybe it needs a sense of - there are other things in the world, too. Meaning and lightness - no idea what I mean. I suppose I am not keen on pompous.

Ah - pompous! a false friend if ever there was one. Since it doesn't mean "pompös" in German, but something like "pathetisch", another false friend, since pathetisch is not the same as pathetic, which means "armselig".

Everyone is getting so old...Sepp is sixty today.
I am sixty, Herbert is seventy, Ralph is sixty-five, Alexander Kluge is 70, Hanna Schygulla and Julie Christie aren't far off. Fassbinder is dead.
All the "young ones": Ulla is 50, Werner is fifty...Madonna is 50...Udo will be 50... even '68 is forty now.
Mustn't grumble.
Let's have a drink - today.

oh..I feel okay about my neck.