An embarrassment of riches

Tonight, there are four bands Mick and I would be interested in seeing, with names like Vampire Weekend, Melt Banana, Awesome Color and Dinosaur Jr., as well as Bill Callahan of Smog fame.

There is also a birthday party. After complaining sometimes that there are no parties in München, now I feel sheepish. And anyway, one of the reasons to escape from London was that I wanted to curl up quietly on the sofa and act my age, instead of being forced to have fun fun fun. I think I was wrong. Fun fun fun is good. But curling up on the sofa is good, too.

I am now five years younger than John Peel when he died, and he was still listening to demo tapes and running his show at Glasto to the very end. There is no excuse, while we are alive.


  1. Keep on going girl! Haven´t been to a party myself for years ...and years. It may even be that the last proper house party I went to could have been one of your bashes in Archway. Always looked forward to them, all the right elements were in place (just like your supper photos) - great music, loads of people I knew, bundles of interesting people I didn´t know, and great pulling potential.

  2. It's mean of you not to tell me...
    Glad you enjoyed our parties, though.

  3. Thanks to the owner of this blog. Ive enjoyed reading this topic.


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