It's all over now...

Following the absolute bashing my generation (die 68er) is receiving from the younger generation (we have done just about everything wrong, "feminists just don't get it that we all have equal rights now" etc.), following the election of a fascist to follow Walter Veltroni as mayor of Rome, following the loss of popularity of leftie Kurt Beck in the German government, now the news of Labour's crushing defeat in in the English local elections, and of Boris Johnson almost certainly ousting Ken as mayor sounds like the end of the politics as we wanted it.
I am totally aware that neither Blair nor Brodi fulfilled our expectations, but tears came to my eyes when I read the news this morning.
you have to cry!
Plus - the food shortages that look like they are used by the genetic food brigade to make their products palatable after all.
Looks like we are entering darker times...people are looking for strong leaders again.
The irony that hope now resides in Spain, where they had enough of strong leaders for a while. The irony of seeing a pregnant woman inspect the Spain.
you have to laugh.

picture borrowed from © 2008 Financial Times Deutschland, © dpa