Na, geht doch!


Berlin (Reuters) - Nach massiver Kritik in der Öffentlichkeit ist die umstrittene zweite Diätenerhöhung in einem Jahr für die 612 Bundestagsabgeordneten vorerst vom Tisch.

Members of the German parliament, Bundestag, decided to go without their second payrise in one year. Maybe they felt ashamed to announce it on the same day that the Federal Government announced in its annual Poverty Report that the gap is widening between rich and poor, and millions of Germans are now officially poor.
Reactions in the press are increasingly harsh both about the poor (they are lazy, of course) and their defenders (old 68er crusties bleeding hearts - the hatred that is meted out to my generation here in Germany is palpable).
No-one asks the obvious questions: What happened? In the sixties and seventies, schools and universities were free, the poor were supported - not in luxury, but in relative equality - and there was hope. Now, across Europe, there are between 4 and 10% of the population destined for the rubbish dump, at birth. Lazy? No motivation?
Anyone wondering why?

...und von mir aus auch den Palästen!