A typical European football cup Friday

Here I was half watching a slightly boring football match, whilst doing the crossword after an active, even exhausting day..
First I worked, then I went out to my Mum's on the train as she needed chauffeuring, which my sister and I both love doing. She has so many important things she needs to do: buy new cotton handkerchiefs, go to the Apotheke (in the meantime "run over to the bakers, i need that jogging bread" - I suppose you eat it instead of jogging. She needs to look at jackets, go to the cheese shop which is only open two days a week, and then we drive to the pick-yourself-strawberry fields (forever), where we don't have to pick ourselves because she knows the woman, of course, and we chat and her granddaughter picks the strawberries for us.
I also made Eton mess, which is an English pudding featuring meringue, whipped cream and strawberries. You just layer it in a bowl, in a sort of ...mess.

But on the way to Mum's , I also went for a swim in the lovely lovely Steinsee (a dark deep moor lake which you reach through a long wooded walk).

Picked elderflowers for the family favourite: elderflower fritters. Mick is not convinced - eating green stuff from the woods? They are totally delicious and not really slimming.

In just for a few minutes, their fragrance fills the whole car.
No tree-shaped odour eaters needed here.

So, just as I was about to give up on the match, first the Croats score in the extra time, then in the LAST minute, the Turkish score. I was wide awake, when the penalty shoot-out started. Watched grown Croats cry. Now, the car corso has started - Turkish families burning over-priced petrol and god are they happy.