Nostalgic things I don't really miss

A typewriter is a thing of beauty, like the steam engine, or the ink pen. They are little masterpieces whose craftsmanship you can actually see and admire, in a way that you can't admire the computer or an MP3 player. This one I found at the "Flohmarkt" last Saturday, an annual jumble sale event across the whole of Schwabing, a borough of München. These Flohmarkt events are getting very popular, all the houses open up their beautiful green backyards and pour out the contents of their attics and cellars. It is a day of fun and social activity, you see friends at their stalls and bump into people hunting for other people's cast-offs.

here's me finding one of my bargains (Luisa took this one)

And here is a game Geraldine and I used to play during long drives:

Ilse went to flea market and bought: a paper parasol, a big old coffee cup, two large baskets, a paper elephant lampshade, a tall glass vase, two silver spoons and two silver forks, a brand new kitchen sieve, a double bamboo-pattern IKEA duvet cover with pillow, a scarf and a red toy Suzuki motor bike for Oscar who was three last month.

I didn't buy the type-writer, because I really don't need it.

some other things you can see at the Flohmarkt:


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