Rich and fit

Yesterday, I finally got paid for a project I had finished three months ago - not a nice feeling when you go into overdraft. So I went out and bought flowers. Much more celebratory, being paid this way than having money put in your account every first of the month - how boring.
I cycle across town to my yoga class and really enjoyed it - it had just stopped raining, and the lime flowers on the trees all fragrant. When I was younger, I had never noticed that so many streets in München are lined with Linden (lime trees) and they fill the whole city with their smell in early June.

My breakfast this morning. I bought apricots yesterday and they didn't look to good, so I made instant jam.

This flower is called "Gärtnerschreck" (gardener's horror), because it is indestructible!?!

I also bought this paper lantern for summer lighting.

Cycling back from yoga, there were hundreds of cars flying Turkish and German flags - the Turkish team had won a match and thrown Switzerland out of the European cup. Luisa and I waved to them as they went past, and they shouted and laughed out of the car windows - It was such a party!
I ended up drinking quite a lot of red wine last night. A Bavarian friend of mine once said in best Benglish (Bavarian english): "I have a so a headache". Now - I have a so a headache.