Coffee to go

I am a bit of a saddo when it comes to coffee, I actually like my filter coffee. I detest the new "single-serve" pods from Nespresso and the Senseo coffee bags etc they are just a big marketing rip-off plus laughably un-green. My morning coffee of choice is nice strong filter (from a big pot for two) with loads of whirl-pooled frothy milk.
In England, the cafetière now rules in the homes of my friends, but unfortunately most of those fair trade coffees from the supermarkets are pretty nasty. Every café and pub in the country now seems to have some form of coffee machine, and once in a while, you can get a decent cappuccino that is not buried under layers of horrid chocolate powder.
On the Isle of Wight, once we got a cappuccino with a sailing boat drawn in the froth - I have to admit, I was a little bit charmed by it.