Ah - the mountains!

To the right of the chapel, you can see the dear little train that takes you there.

Breakfast with a view on our balcony

Like my sister, I love the mountains. Over the past years I have developed a tedious fear of heights, so unlike her, I like to see them from below - or a quarter of the way up. I am just back from a long long weekend in Bayrischzell, action-packed: started as a foursome on Saturday with friends from London, on Sunday my sister brought my Mum over for lunch and coffee in our holiday home.

Two days as a threesome brought us a total of 9 hours walking in the most gorgeous sunny green countrside, with refreshing dips into icy waterfalls and streams (that was just me).

On Friday, we will go back for a very short weekend as a five-some.
The woman who runs the café told us to eat up!

An old lady who keeps a little café cum B&B by the river Leitzach (more of that later) told us that "in the old days, people came and staid for three weeks and really relaxed. Now the average stay is 3.8 days." I stayed pretty much 3.8 days.