Reasons for not working, one, two, three, four

Being self-employed means I have to grab every bit of work that comes my way, or end up self-unemployed. I have recently had a quiet two months except for regular short articles on consumer behaviour I write for a market research company, and ended up with a wonderful summer. But now work is being showered on me and I am grabbing. Looking forward to a busy autumn - except for a long week in Scotland early September.
A lot of people protest they couldn't live without working. What?? Assuming you had enough money to live on, who REALLY wants to get up at six every morning, sit on a crowded train and then "work" with a bunch of strangers all day? come out when it's dark, having missed another sunny summers' day, and still never have more than just enough money?

Instead, you could be doing what you feel like doing all day? Hello??