Staying alive

After many days in the countryside, today it was back to the city. "Police action" was holding up my underground train today for about ten minutes. Trains get stuck in tunnels all the time in London which was one of the reasons I avoided travelling on the tube. It practically never happens here, and if it does, I don't even panic, because the tunnels are so wide and there are little portholes everywhere to get out.

I read something funny today about defibrillators, which are now in every station and supposedly easy to use for any one in case someone has a heart attack: You do the de-fi following the instructions, then mouth-to-mouth, and in between you massage the person's heart roughly to the rhythm of "ah-ah-ah-ah staying alive, staying alive". I will always remember it now.

Got home to the strains of a street party in our local square, the usual band of hobby German musicians playing anything from "Bang bang Maxwell Silverhammer" to "Sweet home Alabama", note perfect and annoying. And we missed the Theatron in the Olympic Park altogether this year, a month of young and/or new bands performing free in a gorgeous amphitheatre on a lake.
Ah well. we saw this marvel instead, on Friday in Bayrischzell: