Summer and food

It's been really hot squelchy summer at last, this week was madly busy with things like looking after Mum who just came out of hospital - she is fine but needs to be encouraged to eat. A woman who used to love and celebrate her food, she now looks at her food like a child faced with a bowl of spinach!! I have the secret suspicion that both she and my Aunt never really liked my home-cooked food, despite friendly protests to the contrary (no it's delicious! Just don't feel hungry right now)...There is something I just don't do right for the dear Oldies...Still, when we go out, she still tucks in quite happily.
Last night everyone was out by the Isar, where preparations were made for the weekend's Brückenfest, "Bridges Festival"

München is like one big garden at the moment, with everyone sitting out. I have been eating and drinking outdoors every single night this week!