A day of baking and not doing much at all

Today, it rained. When I bought bread this morning, I saw Zwetschgendatschi in the shop, and I thought: "Hmm, I can make this at home for nothing!"
Zwetschgendatschi is made of yeasty pastry on a baking sheet. I prefer plum cake with shortcrust pastry, and I made small ones in the muffin tin. They look at bit messy, because I am not very patient. But they taste great.
Shortcrust pastry: knead together 100g cold butter, 150g flour, a spoonful of sour cream or crème fraiche, 3 large table spoons sugar. Form a roll, let it cool in the fridge for ten minutes or so. Then cut off discs and fit each in the muffin tin, put half a plum on each with some cinnamon and sugar. Bake till lightly brown.
And while I was at it, I also defrosted the freezer and found some frozen spinach, which I turned into a version of spanakopita, the Greek spinach and feta pies. I didn't have sesame seeds to make them perfect, but they turned out delicious.
Fry a little chopped onion, add chopped leaf spinach,warm it. Cut squares out of frozen puff pastry, fill with spinach and crumbled feta, mix in a fragrant herb such as marjoram, thyme or oregano. Make parcels, bake until light brown.
Then, have tea and the cake.

Finally, a walk in the park.


  1. yeah you are my inspiration
    bought a pumpkin yesterday and next weekend i'll try the zwetschgendatschi and spinachfeta pie
    what a perfekt autumn
    i adore your fotos
    birgit (ursa 53)


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