Dinner with the "girls"

My friend S. has become a grandmother. We were invited to celebrate the event, with lots of bubbly and also some food.
First, the quiche - delicious, topped with toasted pine nuts
then we all admired S.'s tights - very stylish on her check floor.

Finally, pudding: Rote Grütze with vanilla ice cream (if we were in England, this would have been custard)

We were all four of us aware that ten seemed an okay time to go home (work, headache, rainy night, eaten a lot). For a cheap laugh, I suggested we all go to Löwengarten (our local) now. Going out at 10 used to be when the evening started in our glorious youth - eating a Chef salad at Stop In at 2 a.m. no rare event. Now we just long to be in bed with a book (sometimes, on a rainy night).