The Good Life

Herrmannsdorf is a place of pilgrimage for all people who are into being green and eating good, "real" food. It is actually a lovely place, a big farm where you can watch the pigs play and then you can eat them. In the restaurant if you are a little bit well-heeled, or in the beer garden for the rest of us. Children love it there, and it is very down-home, and just a little trendy, very LOHAS. Still, it's very near to where my Mum lives, and we love it there, too. We eat...
...and Mum always goes on a little spending spree, buying natural soap and gorgeous pottery
A roll in the hay for little ones

Goaslschnoizn - a man with a whip climbs on your table and starts cracking the whip to music.
No one gets hurt.


Eco chic
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