Simon's mirror

Once upon a time....

....there was a beautiful space in Camden Town, London, which was lovingly turned into a huge and hugely ambitious café by Danny, Debbie, Haitch, Dorothy and myself. It was called WKD and all our friends were involved in some way, either working there, helping, being there, dancing, drinking, eating, bringing more friends...
Here is Roz sipping one of our many house cocktails
For two years I more or less lived there, until I couldn't drink, work and stay up all night any more, and everything started going a little bit pear-shaped.
Here are Victoria and I with our beloved Brasilia coffee machine.
But while it lasted it was the best place in the world. We had bands on every weekend, among them the just about to happen Jamiroquay and the majestic Dionne Warwick - and even Chaka Khan (which involved Danny cashing in his life-long devotion to her). I also met the most wonderful people there, working with Mel from Camberwell, London, (now in Florida) below with Danny (the man who made it all happen) and Niki from the States,
Victoria from New Zealand, Simon, Kate and April from Australia, Shahina who was a yummy mummy in Brighton last time I saw her and Sue from West London, and a cast of thousands never forgotten.
Here Debbie and I are seeing off Simon who is going back to Oz.
There was also Sam, a Soul man of four cubic meters, the gentlest bouncer who ever lived who called me for help the few times something a bit heavy happened at the door.

And here is the mirror Simon gave me when he moved back to Australia, with the words "You will think of me every time you look in it". He was that kind of guy - everybody loved him.

And he was right. I do!


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