A stolen autumn day

Hip rosehip by the water of Kleinhesseloher See

Luisa on her bike in the English Garden

Autumn turned a bit golden today, and it is October 1st today, all this served as yet another excuse to neglect work. On a whim, I met up with my sister in the English Garden and we cycled for miles under trees and along the river Isar. Reader, I was happy!
For people who don't know Munich: the so-called English Garden is in reality a massive landscape garden that supplies parkland for about half the city and meanders along the river Isar until it just blends into the landscape. In a person, you would say it is under-selling itself.


  1. .....Ihr hattet ja echt schönes Wetter. Bei uns hat´s geschüttet und gestürmt,...in Thüringen...
    Liebe Grüße
    Grye Owl

  2. in nordhessen hats auch geschüttet
    ein tag wie zum lang im büro sitzen gemacht
    nun hoffe ich auf einen schönen herbsttag morgen
    lg birgit


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