the little things in life

Today, I read a book by Christa Moog about Katherine Mansfield that I admired, "Aus tausend grünen Spiegeln". I was jealous of the way she was able to intertwine her life as a woman who left her country with that of her subject, who left New Zealand to live in London and Paris and the South of France, like a rolling stone. She just describes where she is, where she "meets" KM, how she sees the things that KM saw, she quotes passages from her stories and then just puts her own story beside them. Is it possible to learn to write like this? It is a sort of fictional but also chronicle style, full of sensuous images of bursting plums and the feel of Paris streets, of the busy kitchen of a London biographer (this must be Claire Tomalin who also wrote a biography of KM), and of the warm sun on rusty farm machinery in Thuringen...It was kind of hard to read but also like watching a film, one of those films that was spawned by "the French Lieutenant's Woman" where the past becomes the present and the present re-lives the past. Just to take so much time over one author, one story, one thing. Engrossing, diverting, inspiring, escapist...annoying!
Here is the beginning of a story.